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First and foremost, we do Solar. Residential, commercial or industrial. We love making a difference to your piece of the planet – as well as the one we live on as well.

Forward Thinking

Great minds think alike and saving our planet is a big job – one that requires thinking outside the box and helping our clients do the same.

Problem Solvers

We do all the heavy lifting so you can keep doing what you do best – running your household and what we do best is fixing what’s just a bit broken.

Customer Support

At one point or another, we’re all customers, the end users of a service or product. Don’t you wish that empathy and being able to extend that to others was always practiced?

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May 8, 2015

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The Newest Technology Repairs

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High Quality Construction

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When it comes to helping folks make the transition over to Solar Energy, there are fewer matches made perfect when it comes to our roots and early beginnings.

It’s 2015. A massive hailstorm with golf ball-sized iced hail in the evening when the atmosphere has cooled off decimated the Denver area with the epicenter impacting Washington Park, an older and historic area of the Mile High City.

We are super efficient, deeply commited and highly skilled.

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