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Solar is more than just power from the sun – it’s power for the Future!


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Hi there, I’m Sonny! I’m here to help everyone understand how solar works, but you might be asking, “What’s one thing I should know before we switch?”

At first, it might seem that all solar companies are the same. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all marketplace. That goes the same for system design as well. For example, a set of solar panels that work for your neighbor across the street may not be right for YOUR home, even though your house might be similar to others in the neighborhood. That’s why we work with you to ensure that we deliver a system that will provide the best possible result. We are insanely committed to the being the best source of information to every one of our clients.

Solar Sonny

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Solar Sonny

OUR MISSION is to provide homeowners and businesses everywhere with the ability to live better, cleaner, and greener lives by eliminating our dependency on outdated and dirty energy supplied by fossil fuels. Instead, we embrace and utilize the ever-abundant energy from renewables so that those living in our current generation can give our future generations a fighting chance.

OUR GOAL is to be world-class stewards of all of our esteemed clients, partners, and vendors whom with we work side-by-side. We strive to promote the absolute best Solar experience to those that we come in contact with every single day. We will remind ourselves that even without this advancing technology, the sun still powers our lives!

OUR VISION is to be the leading-edge provider of solar across the entire country! Our unique solar partnership with Tephra allows the philosophies and ideas that have paved the way for this vast expansion to come purely from an ethical standpoint. This is the main driving force behind every system that we design, present and install.

We are a Solar Energy company that is helping to make a difference.

Solar Can Be Simple

We make the whole process a lot less of a process.



Complete Transparency

We discuss every possible option with you.


30 Year Warranty

Backed by the best assurance in the industry.


Zero Upfront Costs

Start with solar for $0 money and start saving.


Why Choosing To Go Solar Makes Sense

Stable Utility Costs

Instead of paying rising and constantly fluctuating bills each month, the price for the power you use today will remain the same for the power you use tomorrow.

Owning Versus Renting

Just like the ownership in your home, the value of not having to rent your power monthly gives you control over future costs which can be especially helpful to your budget.

Money To Put In the Bank

The overall savings of paying a fixed price for your utility costs can actually be realized every month and can be put towards other expenses or luxuries in your household.

Increased home value

With the current tax incentives and federal credits, having even an average-sized solar system installed can raise the value of your home by roughly $15,000 or more.

environmental impact

If going Solar makes financial sense to your bottom line, what would it mean to our planet? A typical home can save 300 tons of pollution over 50 years, on average.

Federal Tax Credit

Thanks to the new Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a 30% tax credit is currently available to homeowners that have taxable income. See a qualified tax expert.

We Make It Stress-Free

We manage every single aspect of your solar project from system design, permitting, and financing all the way down to final completion – we perform all of the heavy lifting.

Own Your Solar System

You and your entire family get to benefit from the value of the investment to your home, not the utility or a third-party leasing company. No more renting your power every month.

Protect Our Environment

Utilizing the most powerful source of energy we’ve ever known, we allow our sun to give our most natural and precious resource the ability to continue to sustain life every day – indefinitely.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Our Solar Panels are designed to withstand a multitude of elements including hail, snow, pollutants, and debris from trees nearby. Occasionally, it may be necessary to have them cleaned, and we handle that as well.

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